We will NO LONGER have any puppies. Thank You to all of my clients who have given my babies such wonderful homes.

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Think Pink All Year Long

Lugger Labradors is dedicated to promoting the TRUE LABRADOR.


Silver, Champagne and Charcoal are not true Labradors. They are designer colors made by mixing in Weimaraner.

"Lugger" is a family term we have used for big dogs all my life. (not luger, which is a gun)
It comes from large dogs sitting on us as children and we called them "Big Lugs".
Thus Lugger Labradors was born along with my definition, Lug-gêr, n, one who holds another, amorously, with ones weight.

Welcome to Lugger Labradors.
Thank you for taking the time to visit with us and our beautiful Labrador Retrievers.
We take great pride in our dogs and enjoy sharing our lives with them.
We have been breeding Labradors since 1988.

All of our breeding stock is OFA certified hips & elbows and eyes cleared yearly. We are OFA certifying hearts and DNA Optigen testing our dogs. Pedigrees are researched and great care is given when planning a litter of Labrador puppies. Temperament is very important and all puppies are well socialized.
We have Labradors of all three colors, chocolate, black and yellow.

With so many different jobs a Labrador can do, it is important that they have
the Body and Soul to do them.

When searching for your next family member, don't be deceived by the puppy mills out there that have photos of happy families with their puppy. There are also web sites that claim to be reputable breeders but are based in the midwest, heart of puppy mill country. Do your homework when buying your puppy. Not everyone on the internet is who they claim to be.

Photos from 2004

Photos from 2005
Photos from Christmas 2005

Photos from 2006

Brian and MagicMy Fav Pics

Thank you for visiting Lugger Labradors

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